Friday, March 18, 2011


My baby girl was born with a birth defect. Simple, incomplete syndactyly affecting her 2nd and 3rd toes on her left foot. I don't like the term "webbed toes", but that pretty much describes it, if you've never heard of the term syndactyly.

Her toes look pretty much like this:

And will look like this when she's an adult:

I have convinced myself, and in my heart, I *know* that this was caused by the Albuterol inhaler that I took at 11-12 weeks gestation Albuterol is a teratogenic drug, and has been linked to limb defects, and other birth defects. I was desperately sick at the time, and was worried about my inability to breath. I had visited our family physician, who prescribed the Albuterol. I got it filled, read the insert, and read about the birth defects, but told myself that the risk was relatively low, and that I needed it; I didn't want to suffer anymore.

This condition is strictly cosmetic, and should not affect her functionally at all. We are 99% certain that we will not be having this corrected. The surgery involves general anesthesia, as well as a skin graft. If Maura at some point asks us if she can have it done, we'll reconsider at that point in time. We had a difficult time coming to this decision, because it is said that the younger the person is when having corrective surgery, the easier the recovery and healing will be. It is recommended to have the surgery done before the 3rd year of life. Sometimes I question our decision, but Jason always convinces me that she doesn't need the corrective surgery.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm back!

I have avoided this blog for nearly a year and a half. I was actually going to remove everything and be done with it, but instead I made it private so that only I could read it. Reading over old blog posts has been a little emotional. I'm glad I didn't get rid of everything.

A lot has happened in the past several months that has brought out a lot of feelings from my past. I've been somewhat emotional lately. I suppose that is what brought me back here. Sometimes I tear up over the silliest things. Not all of it is negative emotion. I have also found what I call a "treasure" recently - the Catholic Church. I'll have to post about that soon :-)