Monday, May 4, 2009

My Early Teethers

So, that time has come that Lila has begun teething. It started nearly a month ago. Yeah, it's early - but it's pretty much the norm for our kids!

I think Jason carries a gene for early teeth. According to his mother, he got his first tooth at three months of age!

Lila is not the only one in the household to be erupting teeth! Although Ava has not yet lost any of her baby teeth, she is already growing her adult two front bottom teeth behind her baby teeth!

(Sorry about the picture quality, I had difficulty trying to take an up-close picture. The saliva didn't help either!)

I was so scared when I first discovered this! We were in the shower and I was brushing Ava's teeth and yelled to Jason to come and see what I found! I thought she had an extra set of teeth or something at first! I had him look it up online and by the time we finished showering, he was able to assure me that this is quite normal.

We have a dentist appointment scheduled for the 11th of this month. We'll see if these baby teeth will need to be pulled or not. I'll update this post.

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  1. One of our children had their adult teeth grow in behind their baby teeth. One had to be pulled, but everything straightened out very nicely.